NewsGuard censorship plug-in labels confirmed media HOAXES to be “credible” news, while blacklisting all independent media

One of the latest assaults against online free speech is a new Microsoft product known as “NewsGuard” that the company has branded as a helpful tool for internet users to discern “fake” news from “credible” news. But the browser plug-in actually functions completely contrary to this, classifying all independent news as “fake” while propping up mainstream media propaganda as “fact.”

In partnership with Google, NewsGuard reportedly places a tiny insignia next to every link that’s pulled up in queries – either a green shield bearing a checkmark for “approved” content, or a red shield bearing an exclamation point for “unapproved” content. And as to be expected, the only content that gets a green insignia from NewsGuard is that which has been approved by the establishment.

A prominent example of this is a fake news story published by The Huffington Post about the gang rape hoax that Rolling Stone originally reported on back in 2014. Though Rolling Stone was eventually forced to retract the story and hand over millions of dollars to the students who were falsely accused, NewsGuard has given this story a green check mark – and this is just one example among many that reveal NewsGuard as just another fake news tool of deception.

“You see, when you do a Google search of stories, NewsGuard and Microsoft use the green checkmark to tell you what is and is not credible, what is and is not blacklisted, and this is NewsGuard giving the green light to a story that was so fake, it had to be retracted,” writes John Nolte for Breitbart News.

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NewsGuard labels Breitbart story fake news simply for being Breitbart – even though the original story was simply aggregated from the Associated Press!

On the other hand, NewsGuard gave a red “unapproved” shield to a story published by Breitbart News that discussed President Trump’s efforts to build a wall at the southern border. As Nolte explains, the original story actually came from the Associated Press (AP) – but because it was Breitbart News that republished it, NewsGuard automatically labeled it as “fake.”

“Why is NewsGuard labeling that fake news? Simply because Breitbart News published it,” Nolte writes. “We didn’t even write that story. The AP did. We are simply aggregating the AP.”

On and on goes the charade, with all sorts of independent content that’s actually true – but unapproved by the establishment – bearing red shields under NewsGuard Ministry of Truth guidelines, revealing once again just how sinister the deep state has become in censoring the truth while promoting its lying propaganda.

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As laughable as the situation might be to those like our readers who are in the know about what’s going on, the sad reality is that many brainwashed Americans are likely to put their trust in something like NewsGuard, believing it to be an official stamp of what’s true and what isn’t. This is why we added NewsGuard to

“NewsGuard is a propaganda and fake-ratings research firm that uses pseudo-journalists to create new fake news filters as further promotion of misinformation and disinformation coming from today’s top 7,500 news sources,” explains the NewsGuard page at

“Their trained analysts review online news brands to help propaganda mass media rule the internet by censoring, banning, abolishing, and bankrupting legitimate journalism that supports and propels healthy eating, natural medicine, sustainable farming practices, critical thinking, individualism, self-reliance, and of course, the Constitution.”

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